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Our Story

Start with a passion for baking and a dream to open my own traditional bakeshop filled with premium quality, scrumptious baked goods. Make the dream a reality in the spring of 2011 by selling my wares at farmers’ markets. Watch, as by fall of that year, the business was flourishing and demand was exceeding my kitchen capacity. It was time to take a leap and open a shop. I was living my dream!

Then the cookie began to crumble, so to speak.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed as Celiac combined with a severe intolerance to dairy products and eggs – the foundation ingredients for most traditional baking. I could not build an empire on products that made one of my two daughters ill. I was also finding that there was very little in the way of high quality gluten-free and vegan products on the market.

If this was a need for our family, could it be a need for others too? Could I help those with dietary restrictions, make their journey a little easier and a lot more delicious, and continue building my business? After months of reworking my recipes into gluten-free vegan creations, and along with a ton of support from my family, Two Daughters Bakeshop opened in October 2012.

The next wonderful chapter was discovering that so many of my customers have no dietary issues. They just come for my baking because they love the freshness, quality and taste. We look forward to seeing you at Two Daughters Bakeshop in person or online.


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